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digifix understands the importance of the latest technologies and makes sure that your website is created with all the latest technological tools. Our prolific website developers design and develop your e-commerce website using the latest tools to make sure you get the desired profitability.

Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase

For the past few decades, we have seen the interests of shoppers shift from the physicals markets to online stores. This is quite evident in the number of e-commerce websites we have today. We have shopping portals dedicated to clothing and accessories, dedicated websites for innerwear and sleepwear, websites for makeup, and even e-commerce websites for groceries, fruits, and vegetables.

In this strictly competitive environment, it would certainly be difficult for any e-commerce website to see the light of the day. Here, our services come into the picture.

digifix is the solution for all your problems, concerns, and queries related to your very own e-commerce portal. We are a special service that works in the area of website development and management. With persist efforts and extensive knowledge, we help you to make a mark in the industry and run a successful business enterprise. Whether it’s a fashion website or a portal to sell electronics; we offer you complete e-commerce solutions.

We carefully curate e-commerce solutions that help you to sell more and reach a broader customer base. Our e-commerce website services entail website designing and development with strategies that help the website to beat its competitors and stay on the top of the game.

The websites developed by us are search engine compliant and show better ranking than others.

Customized Services For Your e-commerce Portal

Our team of expert and experienced website developers offer the best website solutions that are absolutely perfect for standard websites and their functions. However, if you have something completely different in your mind, we oblige to your demands.

The designers and developers go an extra length to make you happy and content. We provide customized services for your customized demand. We create special e-commerce design services that align with your idea of perfect and help you get the website you longed for.

Attractive Website Design

We have many expert website designers on board to create an attractive e-commerce website for you. They create an outstanding website with unique home page and inner page designs. We offer customized design features to make your website stand out in the midst of intense competition.

Responsive Website Design

We are an ecommerce website designing company that design responsive websites that are compliant and agreeable to various devices.

The websites designed by us are responsive to desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This gives you and the target audience a better control over your website and enhances the sales.

You get the liberty to optimize your website as per the screen size. When the customers are not bound by the obligation to use the website on a specific device, they tend to shop more. Responsive website design created by us is a sure shot way of garnering better customer satisfaction and sales.

Better Speed, Better Customer Experience

The most annoying thing for a customer would be slow website speed. This single factor is enough to disappoint the customers and keep them from visiting your website for the second time.

As our developers use the latest technology to develop your e-commerce website, you should not worry about the speed.

We make a website that offers a flit browsing experience.

A Phenomenal Content Management System

We create a user-friendly and unmatched CMS or Content Management System for you. Even if you are not skilled at the technical aspects of website management or HTML comprehensions, you can easily manage your website.

You can make changes to existing pages or add some new pages, products, categories, contents, banners, etc without the help of an expert.

Our content management system allows you to be the ultimate master of your website.

E-commerce SEO

SEO is essential to bring the website into the public’s glare. Properly done SEO is an essential element for e-commerce websites as it directly affects conversion rates and also helps in boosting orders.

Our e-commerce website services incorporate SEO services to optimize your website for search engine. We use qualified keywords with apt search intent to help your website to get a better position in search engine and enhance organic traffic.

Ad Management

Ad management or PPC is a sure shot way to generate revenue. Paid search campaigns also attract the attention of more and more visitors.

Our professional team offers expert assistance in this respect. They help you to manage paid campaigns to get greater ROI. We use several techniques to improve ROI for your business.

Robust Marketing Tools

A beautifully created e-commerce portal needs the right marketing to popularize it among the crowd. This requires the use of effective marketing tools.

digifix offers you those marketing tools. We help you to run a successful marketing campaign to take your website to the correct audience.

Apart from providing admirable SEO tools, we also run promotions and other tactics like BOGO to help you generate revenue.

Creating and running a successful e-commerce website requires persistent efforts. digifix is committed to offering you standard and customized e-commerce website services right from designing to marketing.

We make it a point to be a part of your success journey from the moment your plans begin to materialize. From day one to forever, allow digifix to lead your website to success.

Our Search Engine Optimization Core Services Include:

We boost your organic search by making your website search engine friendly.
We optimise your search engine content for better visibility and increased traffic.
Build effective links with higher authority websites to gain value for your content.

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Abhinav, Equestrian Surfaces, Ireland

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