SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

“CONTENT”, the real essence of any website has the competency to create an unforgettable, sturdy, and unassailable image of the brand. On the flip side, bad content or content with no real value can tarnish the image of the brand. This puts a great value on SEO content writing.

Creating SEO content is much different from creating content. Sadly, not many people in the industry realize this. They create content, stuff a few keywords, sometimes overwhelmingly, and then consider that their job is done.

With digifix professional content writing services, it is a different story altogether. We, at digifix, offer SEO-friendly content in its literal sense. Our writers develop various strategies to make sure the content is optimized, search-engine friendly.

Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase

SEO Content: What Is It?

  • Not every article or blog is SEO-optimized content. SEO content is content that targets a specific keyword phrase. Pages, category pages, blog posts, articles, product pages, etc. that showcase a meticulous use of keyword phrases can be touted as SEO-friendly content.

    The real value of any content depends on its SEO-friendliness. Whether it’s a blog post of merely 300 words or a long and deep article of 10,000 words, if it lacks the use of specific keywords in the correct manner, it would do no good to the website.

    digifix prides itself on having SEO writing aficionados in superabundance. We provide the best SEO content writing services in Gurgaon.

SEO Content Creation Step-by-Step

  • At digifix, we follow every step of SEO copywriting and other contents. From finding the correct keywords to optimizing the content to make it search engine friendly, we do everything for you.

    Our SEO web content writing services don’t just entail creating keyword-specific content. Instead, we go extra lengths to offer complete client satisfaction. 

    Once we get our hands on the rough keyword database provided by the SEO team, we actively participate in finding keywords that qualify for content creation. We make it a point to use keywords that trending keywords, keywords that are shareable on social media platforms, and most importantly, keywords that are link-worthy.

We Analyze Your Competitors

Content focusing on the customer

  • Before creating the content, our writers, put a great deal of time in analyzing your competitors in the industry in order to come up with content that could surpass the competitor content.

    We go through the competitor websites and scrutinize every single thing. It involves checking the media that the competitors use to enhance their content, the average word count used by the competitors, and their readability scale.


  • When we create  your website content, we reflect on both sides of the coin. We don’t just pay attention to your demands and needs and put up the content but also consider what the audience wants to hear and what do they need. Keeping both perspectives in mind, we come up with engaging content that could speak about you in the most glorious manner and satiate the needs of your existing and potential customers.

    Customer-focussed writing is the real essence of website content. After going through your website, your targeted audience should feel that the content and your services are all for them. This makes them feel privileged and boosts the reputation of your brand. We understand this and create content that addresses the target audience and makes them feel special in every way. digifix is your one-stop shop when looking for content writing for the web. .

We Create Simple Content

The internet is used by people as young as 8 years to as old as 80 years. You do not know who turns up to your website, a class 8 student, a housewife, a share broker, or a banker. We create simple and readable content that could be easily understood by anyone and everyone.

However, we respond to the demands of our clients. If you want us to use fancy and high-class language, our writers gratify the demand. If you want to target expert professionals in your industry, the writers use highly professional language.

We Give A Unique Reading Experience To Your Readers

The internet has gazillions of websites. Hundreds and thousands of websites belong to your particular niche and talk about the same thing. To make your website stand out, we create different content to give a unique reading experience to your readers.

We don’t copy others in the industry and curate unique content. So, if you are looking for the best SEO writing company in Gurgaon, choose digifix and experience the results yourself.

We Keep Important Content Above The Fold

Generally, the writers focus on preparing the first fold of the content such that it could seamlessly take the target keyword. Well, we do the same, but in a smarter manner. 

People visit your website to seek a solution, we give them a solution in the first fold itself. With the smart use of the target keywords and a few lines addressing the problem, we hook the readers.

When the readers realize they don’t need to scroll much to reach the solution, they readily give their time. On the other hand, if the first fold is stuffed with irrelevant content, the readers tend to get irritated and leave the page.

Using important content above the first fold brings value to the readers, enhances the fondness for the website, and generates more traffic.

We use catchy titles and subheadings to engage the readers. Furthermore, our writers break the article into bullets, numbering, and small paragraphs to keep a flow. They sprinkle keywords as per the requirement.

digifix: The Best SEO Content Writing Service

We are committed to our clients. Every project handled by our team of specialist writers gain a great amount of attention, time, and unmatched service.

Our SEO content writing services are extended to industries including travel, e-commerce, finance, medicine, health and wellness, beauty and lifestyle, food, automobiles, website content, and many more.

If you are looking for SEO content writing for your website, contact digifix. We ensure highly optimized search engine-friendly content that could give you higher visibility in the search engine to fulfil your long-term and short-term business goals.

Our Search Engine Optimization Core Services Include:

We boost your organic search by making your website search engine friendly.
We optimise your search engine content for better visibility and increased traffic.
Build effective links with higher authority websites to gain value for your content.

Website Analysis

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