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Social media is considered to be a very important marketing channel for the business of all sizes. Gone are the days where the social media platforms were used for the sole purpose of entertainment. These days, social media also serves as a platform for promotions of a number of business activities.

We, at digifix, help your business with all kinds of social media marketing services as we are an active social media marketing agency in Gurgaon. With an active use of a number of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, and many others, we promote and spread your business and help you achieve desired success.

In order to build a strong social media marketing strategy, our social media marketing company takes care of many parameters and curates a plan to leverage your business.

Audits Your Current Social Presence

  • Before you plan to take your business to any rollercoaster, it is very important for you to look where you are. Thus, there are a few areas you must considered while auditing the social media presence of your business.

    To help you through that, we keep certain things into consideration networks are you currently active on, which networks are bringing you the best value, how your profiles are better as compared to the profiles of your competitors, etc.

    The social media services provided by us take care of all these nuances very carefully. We offer you with a total online presence audit which includes a deep analysis of your social media.

Document Details About Your Ideal Customer

  • Whenever it comes to spreading your business on social media, you would want to get as particular as possible. For instance, if you identify your target market as parents, the deal would be okay. However, if you identify your ideal customer as a parent living in the US, is between 30-40 years old, earns a handsome amount, and has an interest in outdoor activities – you will have better chances of success. Thus, the importance of document details about your ideal customers plays a major role and our social media marketing company helps you to look into all these details.

Creation Of A Social Media Mission Statement

  • The mission statement of your social media is going to drive all your future actions. We make sure to put some thoughts into the same.

    The statement created by us gives more clarity to all the plans and strategies that you would want to use for the identity, as well as promotion of your brand. While creating a statement, we keep in mind the views of your ideal customers.

Identify Key Success Metrics

  • How will you measure the success of all your social media marketing practices while flourishing your business? Usually, it is very hard to rationalize spending time and money on something which is not improving the bottom line.

    Our team at digifix looks into all the scales of measurement while identifying the key success metrics such as rate of conversion, time spent on the website, brand mentions, reach, sentiment, total shares, etc.

Creating And Curating Content Which is Engaging:

  • Before starting and curating content which is very engaging and sharing the same on the social media, it is very important to consider finishing other steps. Sadly, a number of business do not understand it and they directly jump on to this particular step. However, we do not do it at digifix as our team of social media marketing services makes sure to complete all the important steps which are helpful in creating and curating engaging content.

    Whenever it comes to posting on social media, our experts make sure to put their best foot forward. The practices used by our experts while creating the best content for your business include adding videos, images, blog posts, company news, inforgraphics, etc. Our team also creates a content calendar outlining the plan regarding what to post when.

Investing in a Social Media Management Tool

  • Without using the right social media management tools, you wouldn’t be able to promote your business activity well on any social media platform. Whenever it comes to social media, having a good social media management tool which allows you to scale all your efforts with great ease is utmost important.

    One of the greatest benefits of this tolls is the ability to schedule all the posts ahead of the time. Thus, we make sure to work on the social media management tool strategy at the best so that you can align the management of social media along with your content calendar. You are merely required to rely on us for the best services.

Ad Management

  • We consider tracking, analyzing and finally optimizing, the most important step for succeeding on social media. Even the best social media marketers have a reliance on the concept of trial and error. Although it may appear basic in first place, this process is considered to be very crucial.

    Using this step, our social media marketing company in Gurugram evaluates each step and then analyze all the results related to your marketing efforts.

    A great social media marketing strategy is very important to enhance and grow your business to next level. Choose us for the best services related to social media marketing as we promise to serve you the best.

Our Customers Say

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Digifix has been a constant support for my business. They helped me create a brand identity and literally made my business a talk of the town with result-oriented SEO and effective social media campaigns.
Manjari Dharni, Perfect Panache, USA
 Manjari Dharni, Perfect Panache, USA
The team at Digifix is always just a call away! These people have the zeal and passion towards their work and are dedicated to giving the highest ROI to their clients. It is great having them around to handle all my digital marketing work, and the results have always been great.
Dr Ela Goyal, MEETCS, India
Dr Ela Goyal, MEETCS, India
I only rely on Digifix writers when it is about the uniqueness of content to rank higher in the search results. Timely delivery, no fuss edits, and the best part is that their services will not cost you a fortune.
Aviv Lichtigstein, 101 Blockchains, Israel
Aviv Lichtigstein, 101 Blockchains, Israel
I got my website made from Digifix, and I was so satisfied with the work approach that I handed over the SEO and digital marketing work as well to them. They have been quick to respond to my queries and work in coordination with my team to achieve target results. Thanks Digifix, for making it look so easy.
Abhinav, Equestrian Surfaces, Ireland
Abhinav, Equestrian Surfaces, Ireland

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