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Increasing Downloads with a Robust App Marketing Plan

An optimized mobile app marketing plan is the backbone of any successful app campaign. At digifix, we have a team of experts proficient in strategizing an effective marketing plan. They use data-driven strategies to create a marketing plan and implement it well to get expected results. Our team constantly monitors the output, and if the situation persists, we tweak the marketing plan. The goal is to get measurable results, and the team works tirelessly to achieve them. 

We understand that the mobile ecosystem is ever-evolving, and the search engine algorithms keep updating every other day. Hence, we are proud to portray ourselves as the best mobile app marketing agency that stays up to date with the latest developments and uses the best methodologies and tools to bring results. Discuss your requirements with our team and our experts will help you choose a combination of services and design an effective mobile app marketing strategy to help meet your app marketing objectives.

Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase

Our Mobile App Marketing Services

App Store Optimization

With the optimization services, you can rank your App at the top of the list of options with your target keywords. We are a mobile app marketing company that optimizes both the play store and apple store and give proven results everywhere. Opt for our app store optimization services to improve visibility and increase the download count. 

App Install Campaigns

Over the years, we have gathered proven expertise in App install campaigns. You can leave the ads part on us, and we will manage both universal app campaigns and direct ads on the play store or apple store, irrespective of the genre or business vertical your app covers. We have worked with gaming, e-commerce, designing, and many other apps and promise to deliver the best results.  

CPI Campaigns via Affiliate Networks

No matter how well you plan things, in the end, installs are all that matters! Hence, CPI (cost per install) is the key performance indicator that proves the campaign's effectiveness.

The mobile app marketing plan set by digifix focuses on leveraging the vast affiliate network that the company gained over the years. Our network of quality publishers can help achieve measurable results and achieve a higher number of installs in no time.

App Reputation Management

Every user checks the App's credibility by reading reviews before installing and using it. digifix can help monitor your social media profiles constantly to ensure that people only hear good things about you. Our App Reputation Management services are a part of our mobile app marketing strategy, and the results are outstanding. 

Mobile App & Mobile Web Designing

  • We offer the best mobile-first design services with an excellent user interface to attract users. Our focus is to increase the app loading time and make it compatible with all the screen sizes. 

Mobile App Development

  • Mobile app development is the first step to ensure business growth. We cater to the need of our clients by providing them with a mobile platform to attract their target audience and get higher customer engagement. Each App we build has outdone the performance level and has rated best in the user interface. 


What is mobile app marketing?

There are countless apps on the play store and apple store. So users get plethoras of options in a similar domain. That is why you have to do something to promote your product through paid and organic campaigns, and this is called mobile app marketing. Choosing the best mobile app marketing agency, one can use services like app store optimization, install campaigns, and affiliate partnerships for promotion, advertising, and reputation management to ensure your App stands out.

How do I promote my mobile App?

There are various strategies and marketing plans to promote a mobile app. Which service or strategy works for your App depends on multiple factors like app newness and the competition in the market. Our experts recommend an effective PR outreach, a dedicated website, effective optimization, and a thorough content marketing strategy. Get in touch with our team, and we will help build an effective plan after analyzing your product.

How do you create a marketing plan for a mobile app?

Only an expert team can help create a result-oriented marketing plan for a mobile app. It includes:

  • Understanding of target audience
  • Awareness about the competitors in your niche
  • App store optimization strategies
  • A content marketing strategy including blogs, videos, reviews, testimonials.
  • A launch plan with an effective PR boost
  • Paid advertising strategies
  • Data analytics and performance tracking strategies

What are the best app marketing strategies?

Some of the strategies that every app owner can use are as follows:

  • Create an attractive landing page
  • Understand the target audience and competitor presence
  • Result-oriented app store optimization
  • Leveraging blogs, videos, and social media to reach audiences
  • Tracking and measuring performance with data analytics tools and tweaking the plan accordingly.

A mobile app marketing agency can help you take your App to the next level with the help of the following services:

  • App store optimization
  • App install campaigns
  • App Reputation Management
  • Affiliate Partnerships
  • Paid Advertising

At digifix, we cater to our clients’ needs well and provide them with an effective plan to market their app and deliver measurable results.

Manjari Dharni, Perfect Panache, USA
Digifix has been a constant support for my business. They helped me create a brand identity and literally made my business a talk of the town with result-oriented SEO and effective social media campaigns.
Manjari Dharni, Perfect Panache, USA
Dr Ela Goyal, MEETCS, India
The team at Digifix is always just a call away! These people have the zeal and passion towards their work and are dedicated to giving the highest ROI to their clients. It is great having them around to handle all my digital marketing work, and the results have always been great.
Dr Ela Goyal, MEETCS, India
Aviv Lichtigstein, 101 Blockchains, Israel
I only rely on Digifix writers when it is about the uniqueness of content to rank higher in the search results. Timely delivery, no fuss edits, and the best part is that their services will not cost you a fortune.
Aviv Lichtigstein, 101 Blockchains, Israel
Abhinav, Equestrian Surfaces, Ireland
I got my website made from Digifix, and I was so satisfied with the work approach that I handed over the SEO and digital marketing work as well to them. They have been quick to respond to my queries and work in coordination with my team to achieve target results. Thanks Digifix, for making it look so easy.
Abhinav, Equestrian Surfaces, Ireland

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